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The science behind our services.
At Peak we utilize the latest in research, technology and products. This approach includes evaluating new products as they come to market, reviewing independent research and adjusting our programs as new pests enter our region.
This approach allows our technicians to treat for pests responsibly. At Peak Pest Control we believe in pest control that is safe for people and pets as well as the pollinators essential to the ecosystem in your backyard.

Proven Results
Our technicians use the right product, in the right place, at the right time. This means we effectively treat the areas prone to pest activity rather than spraying indiscriminately. We find that we have to spend a little more time on our visits to find and treat these problem areas. However, we also find that we recover that time through fewer responses to complaint calls. The result is the competitive pricing you want and the results you expect.


At Peak we believe that the secret to long-term success in any business is dealing honestly and ethically with our clients. Our company has grown through referrals from satisfied business partners and happy home owners. Our commitment is that we will work with you to keep your home, business or investment pest free.

We provide easy to understand quotes in writing.

No contracts are required for service. No hidden fees.

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